Style tips

Style tips

Style tips

Top Ten Style Tips


1. Build on the right foundations

Good underwear makes a huge difference to how clothes look.


2. Accentute your Assets

We’ve all got bits we don’t like however make the most of what you do have.


3. Colour Confidence

Colour is one of the major elements in looking fantastic. The right colours can take years off us and make us feel good.


4. Be you

In order to look our best we need to feel comfortable too. Knowing items feel right and are “You” is the key.


5. Quality Counts

Choose the best quality you can afford for wardrobe basics. Cheaper items have their place as well, but the fit and cut of well-made clothes shows.


6. Love it madly, need it badly or don’t buy it!

Don’t buy items just because they are cheap. Ask yourself if you’d be happy to pay full price for it.


7. Mix it up

Combining colours, fabrics and patterns is fun to do and ensures you create your own look.


8. Check out your rear

Always check your rear view in items. Other people will see this too!


9. The Art of accessorising

The use of accessories can transform an outfit and take it from ordinary to amazing.


10. Stay Current

Check your wardrobe and consider throwing out items you’ve not worn for a year.

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