Styling for men cambridge

Styling for men cambridge

Styling for men cambridge

Styling for men


Imagine knowing the colours, styles and shape of clothes that suit you best. How it would feel to shop successfully every time and get compliments from those around you.


Learning to make the most of yourself really can change the way you feel and the way others react to you.



Why care about colour? Because if you want to look healthier fitter and in great shape its important!  Once you know what suits you you'll wonder why you didn't do this years ago.

  • Yes  you'll know which colours suit you best and how to wear them.
  • Yes  you'll know which colours make you look healthier and younger.
  • Yes  equally important you'll know which colours to avoid.


Wonder how some guys just seem to look the business?

Not sure which styles look good on you or what to buy in the shops? Find it hard to get clothes for your shape/ height? We can help with everything form ties to shoes to which glasses suit you.

  • Know  what you’re wearing looks good.
  • Know  which styles, shapes and fabrics really work for you.
  • Know  how to dress for any occasion and feel confident to deal with anything at work or outside it!


We can help you find what you need according to your budget.


We know where to go and where not to. In short effective, successful shopping  that will get you the results you want. There's a danger you might even enjoy it.


Look good, feel great and achieve more of what you want.


To book call us on 01223 837288 or email

true colours

Package for men

Colour analysis and style advice for men with colour swatch and workbook. Enquire here.

true colours

true colours

Stuck for a gift idea?

How about a total image session, colour analysis or style consultation.  Enquire here.

true colours

The session was interesting and useful to confirm which styles are best for me both for work and casual wear. I now have lots of new ideas and finally feel inspired to buy some new items. Thomas Hunt, Newmarket