true colours

true colours

true colours

Testimonials from our personal clients


"I discovered some wonderful new colours I just wouldn't have thought of wearing. Wendy was friendly, sensitive and helpful."

Eleanor Spinney after colour analysis, Bishops Stortford, Herts



"The makeup was wonderful really natural ,I now feel confident knowing how to choose colours and makeup."

Gillian Lewis, Haverhill after colour analysis



"Really interesting and encouraging, this has given me more confidence choosing colour."  

Elsje Saggers, Ely after colour analysis



"I was nervous before the session but felt at ease with Wendy. I never realised I actually have a waist ! the session has helped me find my own unique style."

Emily Hardwick Harlow after personal styling



"The colour Analysis was brilliant, there are some lovely new colours I can wear. It was helpful to see how to put colours together to create my own look."

Karen McCarthy, Baldock after colour analysis



"I can highly recommend Wendy’s personal styling, she was friendly, supportive and understanding. Can’t wait to put my new found knowledge into practice in the shops!"

Christine Fletcher, Royston after personal styling session



"The session was interesting and useful to confirm which styles are best for me both for work and casual wear. I now have lots of new ideas and finally feel inspired to buy some new items."

Thomas Hunt, Newmarket after men's colour and style



"Thanks again for all your help, I really enjoyed the shopping, I can’t remember the last time that happened! I’m delighted with what we bought."

Paula Ray, Cambridge after personal shopping and styling



This was fun and very rewarding to do. I’m so pleased. I can now open my wardrobe and look forward to choosing my clothes everyday.”

Neeta Shah, Cambourne after wardrobe planning



"The confirmation of colours and styles that suited me has given me lots more choice in what I can wear. Wendy has given me the knowledge to get so much more out of the items I already have. It will be great to buy some new ones too! "

Ruth Casey, Fliton, Beds after wardrobe, colour and style session



"Excellent Colour analysis that will help me to avoid making mistakes and make shopping easier."

Lucy Everett, Cambridge after colour analysis



"Well worth doing and an enjoyable experience. I was worried it might be intimidating but the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. I know all the rest of the girls loved it."

Sally Carter, after group style session in Saffron Walden



"Hey Wendy, I went into it not knowing what to expect, but really enjoyed the experience. I'm going shopping this weekend so will read up on everything we discussed. Fingers crossed!. Thanks for everything."

Harry, Student at Cambridge after men's colour and style



"Wendy is excellent at what she does and I found it useful, interesting and learnt a lot. I would recommend this to anyone wanting help with any aspect of their Image."

Richard Farrer, Director of Worldwide Engineering Johnson and Johnson after men's colour and style



"Thank you for making me feel very comfortable and for lots of helpful advice. I'd recommend this to anyone."

Gemma Tomkinson Barton, Cambs



"Thank you for the voucher for my daughters 40th Birthday and for packaging it so beautifully. I look forward to hearing all about it."

Maureen Jenner Etchingham, E Sussex



"It has been fantastic. You really get an understanding of which colours and styles are for you."

Sarah Wagstaff, Wellingborough after total image session



"A great and very enjoyable confidence building experience."

Hilary Ponnsett, Cambridge after colour analysis



"Being less than 5 ft tall, I wanted help on how to dress so I don't appear swamped by clothes. Wendy's advice has made a real difference, now I know what to look for I can find items that work for me."

Julie Hart, Cambridge after personal styling



"A lovely environment, great advice and lots of indulgent me time! Thank you." 

Alison Weaver, Sawston after total image



"Thank you for a lovely morning, I really enjoyed myself and have already bought a deep cool jacket!"

Jill McCulloch, Business and personal coach after colour analysis



"I've tried every diet going but still struggle to lose weight. Wendy showed me it's not your weight but shape that counts and how to look slimmer by choosing the right clothes. Throughly recommended."

Sylvia Maynard, Little Abington after personal styling



"Everyone has noticed a difference, had lots of positive comments since seeing you. Best of all I am now dating someone!"

Mike Hyde, Saffron Walden