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What to wear to the Christmas party


Plan ahead!

Whether it’s a works do or a family affair shop and choose sooner rather than later. There’s nothing worse than trying to find an outfit at the last minute.


christmas party dresses


Fit is key

Find a dress that hides your flaws and flatters your assets, one that fits you really well.

If there’s time a seamstress can provide the perfect fit if your dress isn’t quite there.

If you don’t do dresses, trousers and a pretty top with good accessories work just as well.



Can work for or against you, the best offer some structure while being forgiving on a full tummy! Silky fabrics always look glamorous. Velvets, a bit of sparkle and details on garments usually turn them into” party Season”.




Lots of strong party colours in the shops choose from red, blue, purples and silver greys.

Black is always an option, though if it’s not your best shade add some colour with accessories and makeup. Beware of matching blacks as this can make an outfit look cheap if they don’t quite go.


Complete the out fit

 So often it’s the little details that can take something from ordinary to fantastic. Finding the right necklace, bag and shoes to really compliment your outfit makes all the difference.


Makeup to go

Add a deeper lipstick than you usually wear, red if you can take t always looks glam.

Make more of your eyes with liner and mascara there are some fabulous ones around that lengthen lashes really well. I like Lancôme’s mascara’s particularly Virtuose.


Don’t forget your perfume

Scent makes us feel in the mood and there’s nothing like smelling sensational to start a conversation!


Best beauty app

Pretty in my pocket

This app is great to check out products before you buy. Over 100,000 beauty products with the best reviews.

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