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Dressing to feel good - Whatever your age



Age defiance is about dressing for your shape and size. When you wear items that suit and flatter your body you will immediately look younger. It’s also about finding a look that’s you as you are now in your life, and not choosing to wear something just because it’s in fashion.


Buying good quality items for basics in your wardrobe like jeans and trousers is also well worth doing. Well-made items usually have better fabric and cut and you can see and feel the difference when you put them on. Cheaper items like tops for example can be added to these to build an outfit. If you just buy cheap clothes it’s harder to look good.


 A few top items that make us feel younger are shoes and higher heels- wedges are a good alternative if you find heels uncomfortable as they support the foot really well. New style Jackets and coats can look great when mixed with the right items. Tops and accessories also good to refresh your ward robe without too much expense.


Colour I believe it’s one of the easiest ways to look and feel younger and up to date.

Over time it can be the case that the colours that used to work well for you now don’t try different colours and mix and match shades.


Hairstyle is another thing that can age us. If you’ve had the same style for many years it might be time for a rethink. A good cut and colour can literally take years off.


Make up too less is usually best as you get older but there are some brilliant makeup products around now. If you’re stuck in a rut having used the same products for years


 It’s a good idea to clear out your wardrobe and throw away anything you’ve not worn in 2 years. Anything that is obviously dated should go! Nothing ages a woman more than wearing clothes that are obviously out of date. Dressing current is the key.


Be yourself and choose clothes that you feel good in, don’t be a slave to fashion but try and stay current. Above all enjoy what you wear.




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